October Design Challenge

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This October: One New Piece Every Weekday

Hello, Internet my name is Kubo Novak and I am a visual artist working in paper. I recently stopped teaching at the local university to focus on my artwork. I’ve been designing and creating geometrical reliefs for several years now. I’m interested in structures and systems of elements in a state of complex order. I like complexity and I dislike chaos. Each of my work has a simple guiding principle as a basis for the resulting shape. I draw inspiration from the traditional geometry like Plato´s polyhedra, I use different types of symmetry, I’ve created static and dynamic compositions and I also combine drawn lines with crystal polyhedral shapes.

So one new design every weekday for the next month it is!

This October, starting today, I will share with you eight finished designs from two series which are quite different from each other. I will also add a number of new ideas in an unfinished state. I always have more ideas in various stages of development than the time for completing them, so it will be interesting for me to see which ones will get the most attention and I might be inspired to elaborate on some of the motifs based on your feedback.

I originally thought of a 31-day design challenge similar to Inctober that illustrators have, but then I carved out the weekends because of quality family time. So one new design every weekday for the next month it is!

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