The final piece uses two S-shaped curves as well as a rhythmical variation of wider and thinner faces. The crystals morph from irregular pyramidal to tetrahedral shapes. Closed in purposeful.

About this series

Pleats is a series of sharp triangular folded paper reliefs, on a softly defined ground plan.

In the four pieces, I examine four different configurations of these boundary curves creating two open and two close shapes.

First I defined the planar boundary curves and to 3-D curves limiting the height of the pyramids. Then I subdivide them an interconnect their segments, this is how the blueprint of the pleat is creating. I fold the final corrugated composition using a single sheet of archival paper.

I am generally interested in defining an idea by a set of parameters and logical rules. I use these to create a tiny universe and research the possible forms this universe allows to exist.

I set out to create a series of smooth softly flowing compositions with a natural inner order. The resulting pieces remind me of some tiny ocean lifeforms formed by the strict rules of physics and evolution.