Kubo Novak Artist Portrait Photo

    Independent Art Based on Strong Values


    Above all I value connection. To oneself and to others especially my family, therefore I am keen to hear your needs and I long to be heard.

    I need to discover, learn, practice and get better at what I do to attain precision and lasting quality, in order to create work that I can be proud of. I have a strong need for freedom, I want to master my time, choose priorities and act upon them accordingly.

    Finally I seek the joy of life and happiness coming from within. Therefore I must stay true to my values and use my time wisely for the benefit of people around me.

    Thank you for collecting my art and for using it in your projects. It is only by your support that I am able to maintain an independent lifestyle anchored in my core values.



    2012 - Master degree in Architecture and Urban planning, Faculty of architecture, Brno University of Technology, Czech republic

    Group Exhibitions
    2018 - Trikolóra (as part of the annual Concrete art exhibition "Konkrétní podzim", Galerie u Přívozu, Hradec Králové, Czech republic, Guest of the KK3 - Czech concretist club.

    Competitions, Residencies
    2018 - 9th Lucca Biennale (previously Cartasia), Paper art bienal, Lucca, Italy, 7/2018 residency and monumental sculpture exhibition in public space 8-9/2018.

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