Life Space - a Modular Monumental Sculpture for the Lucca Biennale 2018 in Italy

We live in an era of inundation of things to have, places to visit, people to meet, jobs to do, moments to document, emotions to share, skills to learn. The sheer volume can make these wonderfully rich and unique experiences seem and feel as flat as a screen. But life is not linear like a stack of photos to swipe through.

Life is a space a very limited one and we choose what we fill it with. There is a special kind of "things" which are not definitive in their value, which grow with our change of perspective, in which we find answers to our present as well as future questions and needs.

They provide us with a shelter in which, in a peaceful admiration, instead of finding beauty in a universe of objects we find a whole universe in the beauty of a single one. Then, recharged, we throw ourselves back in the ever so changing chaos of life.

Life space is a modular foam-like geometric composition. What appears expressive and surprising examined from the vicinity, becomes a palpable modular system when we remove ourselves from it and look from a larger distance and a different angle. To see the patterns in what appears to be chaotic and unpredictable, we need to stop, examine, think and also to isolate ourselves from the randomness.