Interlock 4-I

This M.C.Escher-inspired piece is a 67 x 67 x 2 cm (26½ x 26½ in) regular division mosaic based on a square grid using 49 tiles. According to Escher´s systematization, this should be a IXd system using a p4g symmetry (reflection and 90-degree rotation). He has used it for several of his works like the No.12 (Butterfly) from 1938.

The pattern feels strong and calm to me. The red velvety paper warms up the room and changes notably during the day with the sunlight. I feel very happy and thankful for having the opportunity to finish this one.

  • Series: Interlocking
  • Edition of: 25 / open series
  • Size: 67x67cm / 26½x26½in
  • Material: Sattin Coated Paper, PVA Glue